Himalaya Shanti Ashram

           Eco Retreat for Yoga Meditation and Healing
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Himalaya Shanti Ashram is a mountain retreat specializing in the healing power of Yoga and Meditation as well as sustaining our environmental awareness. Located on the banks of a sparkling clear river, receiving its water from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, all surrounded by forests and tucked away from the industrial development. It is a true paradise, bringing about quietness and peacefulness unknown in most of the world. Natural dwelling facilities and accommodations provide all that is needed for intensive Yoga and Meditation practice as well permaculture and organic farming.

All our Intensive Courses and Teachers Trainings for the students with a deep interest in a serious practice – once held at the Himalayan Iynegar Yoga Centre in Dharamkot in Dharamkot located one hour away – are now offered at the Ashram to better fulfil the need for quietness and inspire the practice of truly going within.

We are looking to work with others also dedicated to protecting, preserving and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us. Those who are looking to learn or teach on the principles of Ayurvedic healing, Organic Farming, Permaculture and other environmental and social projects that are strongly linked to our spiritual journey are invited to contact the ashram for future projects.